Is It Possible For Sprint Customer Service To Be This Bad?

Sprint's had a rocky few years. Poor customer service through the phone service carries into the store and customers often give poor ratings on surveys for the specific rep they worked with in the store, instead of rating the customer care poorly and the in store representative high.

Since I had no time to figure my new Blackberry out before my trip, I had no idea how to dial 411 from China to get a number for Hertz to make a reservation, so I call Sprint customer service” to see if someone could tell me how to dial information in the US. I was explaining to the Sprint customer service” woman on the phone that I was in China trying to reach Hertz Rental Car, and the woman yelled we are not a travel service”!, and hung up on me.

So then I have the choice to make: 1) take my phone back to the store and demand that they give me a refund and put me back on my old plan with my beat up old phone, 2) fight Sprint on their failure to honor statements made by their representatives, or 3) just live with it.

We travel to Greece yearly and stay a month, and previous years had used Verizon service and it worked fine, but was very expensive. Most of the unhappy customers would switch to another service if it weren't for this huge switching penalty. While it's not quite as fast or widely available as AT&T or Verizon, it's a strong competitor for anyone looking for a good family plan: Sprint's introductory offer for its Unlimited Plus plan is $22 a month per line for five lines.

But Japanese telecommunications firm SoftBank Group Corp., which owns more than 80% of Sprint's shares, announced back in October that it would cease its efforts to merge the wireless carrier with T-Mobile. My old S6 had fallen out of my pocket and the screen had cracked so I went to a Sprint store and spoke to a person in person and was told I only owed $80 per phone and so I decided to keep the old phones.

Sprint's ACSI customer satisfaction rating was an industry-worst 61 in 2007. While Sprint seemed to'”in your responses'”be at least courteous and above board about their issues, T-Mobile apparently doesn't have the resources for stellar customer service or infrastructure investment.

Note: Sprint didn't respond to our requests for comment on this article, but they did respond to ZDNET with a no-comment on their "excessive customer service calling" disconnect policies. If Sprint wants to keep its focus on its more profitable customers, do what the airlines have done-divide the customers into levels (Silver, Gold, Platinum) and give each level a dedicated phone number to call.

In fact, studies5 tend to rank it behind even the other major wireless providers: Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T. Legere also said the new T-Mobile will be a job creator, especially in rural areas, as the company builds out the infrastructure for the 5G network.

The axed customers didn't owe anything and their termination fees were waived, although they have to switch to another wireless carrier by July 30 if they want to keep the same phone number. Although the deal reduces the number of national wireless carriers from four to three, T-Mobile and Sprint argue that there are really as many as six to eight viable competitors when you factor in new offerings from the cable industry.

At any rate, the Sprint spokesperson called to stress that there are a number of factors that go into the decision to drop an account; it's not as if you reach some magical customer service call threshold and a computer auto-generates you a letter telling you you've been booted.

This merger is kind of the same situation — the phone you have in your hands will cellphone probably work just fine throughout its normal life even if the name of the company you pay each month changes. I have already planned to move my account to different service once my contract is over.

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